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Stories of Quietness and Artistic Yoga Mats

Art has a magical influence on our perception. It can open our minds and let us discover new interpretations of abstract things. Artists own the unique skill to finalize their impressions or experiences in a piece of art, poetry or a song and let us be a part of it. 

Projecting works of art on our yoga mats means a lot to us: an already special place becomes even more special by filling it with magic and fantasy.

sigur ros

We wanted to equip our yoga mats with down to earth motives and found Italian artist Sirpen, who is specialized in painting and graffiti art and is highly influenced by the Japanese culture. for our natural cork Yoga mats, he designed easy but still profound tales of daily reality, moments of quietness in nature which we often don’t notice in our stressful everyday life.

With the trilogy “Tales of Quietness” in a “yamayo-e”-style, Corrado Caimmini aka. Sirpen tells us three wonderful tales of peace and quietness.

arte giapponese

These stories make us dream and soak up cloudless moments of nature’s beauty. Touching the natural cork Yoga mats you can feel the bond with the trees on their surface (pomegranate, pear, and peach) which proved us with important resources.  

Neko, Hachi and Tori. Three stories, three images which lend a positive and calm feeling and remind us that inner peace and equanimity are some of the most important ingredients for happiness and wellbeing.

melograno illustrazione
ape sul fiore illustrazione

Sirpen’s art is has a special impact on the cork surface. The natural cork combined with images of trees, plants, and animals leave us with a pleasant feeling not only by looking at the mat but also by touching it.