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ReMat Free Light and Soft

Our Yoga mat collection for Yoga and Pilates with the versions Light and Soft are especially suitable for Yoga beginners. Lively colors – exceptional grip – usable on both sides.

Red, purple, green, blue, indigo, pink, turquoise, and orange. For our new collection, we chose special color-combinations which reflect the positive energy of our Yoga community.
Yoga mats from our Free family are made from TPE (Thermoplastic Endomer) an ecological material without PVC or Latex (rubber). Yoga mats of this collection are high-quality products, they are elastic, water-repellent, resistant, hypoallergenic, light, easy to transport and 100% recyclable.

Before you choose your favorite color you need to decide which thickness is right for you. 

Our Yoga mats from the collection ReMat Free Light are 3mm thick and offer a good level of softness and very good stability especially in positions which require balance. They are light-weight and super-easy to transport. Perfect for all Yoga-beginners.
ReMat Soft Yoga mats are softer and more comfortable than usual mats because of their 6mm thickness. People with knee or back problems will feel a noticeable difference of cushioning with this extremely comfortable Yoga mat. Perfect for all kinds of Yoga, stretching, Pilates or meditation.
As mentioned before the Yoga mats of our Free Collection are suitable for everyone who starts practicing yoga or is practicing Pilates. For those who tend to sweat a lot, we recommend our Yoga mats ReMat Element. They are made from 100% natural rubber, absorb liquids and sweat and present themselves with an incomparable grip. No slipping on this mat.

Thanks to the closed cells of the material on the surface, the TPE Yoga mats are easy to clean. We recommend using a delicate soap or detergent. To not only clean but also hygienize the mat you can use our ecological Yoga mat cleaner with tea tree oil: ReClean.

Discover also: Our new Yoga mat cleaning Kit in three delicate fragrances.

Yoga mat 3mm ReMat Free Light

Yogam mat 6mm ReMat Free Soft

ReClean Kit – Yoga mat cleaner- Freedom

ReClean Kit – Yoga mat cleaner- Happiness