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Seven reasons why you should try our new ReClean Kits

How many times have you found your Yoga mat dirty but you could not do anything about it because your Yoga lesson already started?

 Especially when you don’t bring your own mat to practice, putting your face and body on a used mat in the studio can sometimes be an uncomforting experience.

We have been asked about a solution many times, that is why we developed our new ReClean Kit – easy to bring with you wherever you go.

Not only if you like to clean but also to make sure your Yoga space is hygienic. But now back to our 7 reasons why you should definitely consider to get yourself one of our brandnew Yoga mat cleaning Kits.

1. The perfect size: we searched a long time to find the perfect size for our ReClean kits. It could not be too small but also needed to be light enough to carry everywhere. The turnout is perfect: a little bag (that can also be used in other ways), containing the cleaning spray and a microfiber towel. (the spray is 100ml and can also be brought on board of an airplane)

2. Different Fragrances for you to choose from. We wanted to give you a good feeling every time you cleaned your Yoga mat and so our cleaner kit comes in three beautiful different fragrances: Peace with a fresh clean note of washed clothes and clean cotton. the Italians call it “talco” – a great odor of just being clean. Our kit Happiness cleans your Yoga mat with a sweet sensation and Freedom adds a Citrus fruit – Mandarin kind of odor to your cleaned surface.

3. It is entirely produced in Italy with natural ingredients. The mild mixture is gentle to the sensitive surface of our Yoga mats or any other surface you want to clean and hygienize. 

4. Have we already said it is 100% made in Italy?

5. the ultra-microfiber cloth: a special texture which dries super-fast. It is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. We printed each of them with the message of the single kit: so you can rhythmically clean your Yoga mat with peace, freedom or happiness. 

6. it is a perfect gift for all Yoga lovers. Hygienically cleaning your Yoga mat is one thing, but also pochette is a comfortably accessory which will still have lots of different ways of being used when the cleaning spray is finished.

7.  a natural hygienical cleaner is useful not only for your Yoga mats. You can use it for everything in your house or your car. Bring it with you on your travels to clean all kind of surfaces without polluting the environment. 

Now you know 7 reasons why you should choose one of our ReClean kits: remains only one question: which one?


ReClean Peace: the green one, inspired by the heart Chakra and its balance, harmony, and love versus our nature. the find scent of freshly washed cotton gives you a beautiful impression of what peace could smell like.

ReClean Happiness: the orange one: like the second Chakra it is connected to creativity, fun, and success. A sweet scent of spontaneity, joy, and happiness.

Reclean Freedom blue like the throat Chakra it identifies with the capacity of expressing your thoughts clearly and with courage. The lively scent of lemaon fruits and mandarines feel like freedom  – try it!

Put it in your shopping cart and start cleaning your mind, soul and your Yoga mat.