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Which Yoga mat is the most practical?

There is a yoga mat that was created to satisfy the needs for those who practice very intense types of yoga where a lot of sweating is involved and a good grip is essential to guarantee stability and safety. At the same time, it is perfect for yogis who are on the move a lot or travel constantly.

The yoga mat we are talking about is called ReTowel GrippyBoo and it is a combination of yoga mat and towel. We recommend it those of you who are looking for:

A comfortable yoga mat to bring with you wherever you are
You can fold it or roll it up depending on the size of your bag. It is super light and doesn’t need much space – perfect to bring on your travels or holidays.

Exceptional grip when wet
GrippyBoo is incredibly grippy when wet. Especially when practicing more intense yoga styles or in a very hot environment this yoga mat provides the best possible grip, stability, and safety.

A natural anti-bacterial fabric
GrippyBoo is made of natural bamboo microfiber which is anti-bacterial and helps to reduce the presence of microorganisms responsible for bad odors.

An ecological product for a conscious practice
GrippyBoo respects the environment because it is made of 100% ecological fabrics. Even the underneath surface is a natural anti-grip material.

A yoga mat that is easy to wash
Clean, practical and functional. You can wash GrippyBoo in the washing machine at 30°C, it dries very fast and can be used again in an instant.

A hygienic protection to use on the floor or on top of another yoga mat in your studio
For those who practice in a yoga studio and want a personal surface, GrippyBoo is perfect. By using it directly on the Tatami or on top of another mat your yoga practice stays comfortable and hygienic.

A beautiful and colorful alternative
If you we are honest we never chose a yoga mat only for practical reasons but it also has to be nice to look at especially if we spend a lot of time practicing on it. GrippyBoo comes in two variations green and violet, we love both of them. Which one do you like?

The answer to an important factor: sweating
The more you sweat the more grip you get! And even if you don’t usually sweat a lot you can just moisten the mat with some water before starting to practice to get the best grip.

Sounds good to you? Check out all the details to this exceptional bamboo microfiber yoga mat.