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Which mats are best suited for intense yoga practices?
Whether we are talking about intense yoga practices or not, it is worth making a premise: there is no universal mat for practising one type of yoga rather than another. Certainly each practice has certain characteristics in common, which makes one mat more suitable than another. In all cases, it is always worth asking yourself what you need.
Finger Mat
Il tappetino yoga a portata di mano! Sia che tu sia un musicista, un dattilografo, un gamer, un arrampicatore, uno smanettone, un sarto o un artigiano, scopri i benefici che solo il Finger Mat® potrà dare alle tue dita!
Tea Mat: Upcycle, Drink and Relax!
Energy Flow by Fede Zen
Der perfekte Yoga Flow besteht aus flüssigen ineinander übergehenden Bewegungen die harmonisch, elegant aber auch lebhaft und voller Energie sind...
Energy Flow by Fede Zen
We asked the Italian artist Federico Zenobi to design our new Energy yoga mats for dynamic Yoga and keep all those aspects of a successful yoga flow in mind...
Outdoor Yoga und Yoga Trekking in den Dolomiten